Wednesday, 8 December 2010


It counts as one word because it's got hyphens.

So, still at home. I'm going back in tomorrow though which is yays 'cause it's Charlotte's birthday party on Friday C=

Not much to report today, just been sitting at home not doing anything... On the plus side, I wasn't throwing up after every meal so GO ME!

As this is very, very boring I'm going to explain the idea behind this blog. Or, its name anyway.

In case you hadn't noticed, all of my titles are only one word. This is because of the main title 'Oh so...' The point is, you're meant to read it as a continuation. For example, this one reads 'Oh so sort-of-better'. XD

So, I'm thinking that every Sunday I'm going to do a book review. Thoughts?

Emily Amanda

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