Thursday, 9 December 2010


Well, not on here of course, I've been posting everyday since Monday. But I have, in fact, been back to school today! Some of my friends reactions were quite comical and make me wish I had had my camera out but oh well. Alas, not much to report. Quite excited because it's Charlotte's birthday sleepover tomorrow which will be a laugh. We're doing singstar and just dance and all sorts! Oh the laughs we shall have.

This has been super short but, hey, it's still a post so meh.
I shall post before I leave quickly tomorrow but don't expect much
Emily Amanda


  1. Sorry you're not going to make it to Charlotte's party now :( Hope you feel better again soon! Love you xxx

  2. Anonymous10/12/10

    Have you had a relapse, Emily? I hope you will soon get well. Lots of love, Grandma. xxx

    PS. I'm not really anonymous!