Monday, 20 December 2010


My whole 'I'll post again later' thing didn't really work, did it?

I'm very sorry about that, I promise to try and do better!

On to the goings-on of today....
I finished my Christmas shopping! Well, sort of. I finished buying all of the presents that needed to be bought before Christmas! Now I just need to buy each of my friends something small and I'll be golden! I know what I'm giving one of the girls but, that's one (my good friend Vanessa). I need to buy for at least 6 others. On the plus side, Vanessa's doesn't actually involve me spending money but I know she'll love it just the same.

Today was great, seriously! This morning I played Animal Crossing before I had a shower and headed into town with my dear Mother (we walked!) to go to the orthodontist.... I got my braces off! I had them for a year and two months (I was meant to have them up until April but the clever orthodontist man said 'There's not really much more we can do so if you want them off then that's fine' and I was like 'EEEEEEEEEEE!') So now they're gone! Finally! I'm FREEEEEEEEE! I'm going back on Wednesday to get my retainer (the mould thing had already been done the gunk stuff is cack) but that should be fiiiine. *SQUUUEEEEEEEEEEE* I'm so happy!
This is me, just so you know ^_^

Can we just discuss how strange some people are? A girl I know (she's really sweet and all) just posted this 'is starting to get annoyed now ♥' I mean, really? If you're so annoyed then why put a love heart? Like I said, she's really nice most of the time but really?

Anyway, sorry for being soopa long and rant-y but I promise next time will be better =)

Emily Amanda


  1. teehee ^_^

    your blog is very like mine when it first started (but mine is about a year and a bit older than yours ;))
    check out my blog?
    i hope you liiiike it *_*

    Catherine xx

    ps. i like your posts, they're funny :)

  2. Yay for no more braces!! Let's hope we can get in to town on Wednesday now ;) Love Mum xxx